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The simplest method to detect SARS-CoV-2, RT-LAMP is performed by inactivating the sample, assembling a reaction mixture and adding the sample to this mix. The samples are incubated at 63 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes and a color change from purple to blue indicates a positive result of the reaction. Low reagent cost, low consumption of consumables but still sensitive enough to safely identify infectious people.

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Superior sensitivity,  color-based readout and sample to results under 50 minutes, this method can safely identify even people with very low viral load. Inactivated sample is enriched for RNA by bead purification on a magnet, reaction mix is added straight to the beads and sample is incubated at 63 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. Color change indicates viral RNA present in the sample.

Click the video to see a visual demonstration.  If your browser does not play the video, you can also watch it directly on YouTube.

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Open access or commercial?


Open access

With our open access protocols, any molecular biology lab can prepare reagents for hundreds of thousands of reactions at a fraction of the cost.

Using this approach can express enzymatic machinery to power the RT-LAMP reaction, make cheap RNA magnetic beads for beadLAMP and prepare the necessary buffers. Benchmarking procedures are described, so you can validate that your reagents are up to the task. Largely independent of supply chain bottlenecks, universities, laboratories and countries can be self sufficient in their large-scale testing schemes.

Package. Credits: Markus Spiske


The easiest and fastest way to get RT-LAMP working in your hands. It's best suited for when you want to save time and reach maximum sensitivity and robustness.

Large science suppliers offer the required reagents, and these protocols are tailored to help you get the maximum out of them. Integral in this approach is the use of LAMP master mixes provided by New England Biolabs, who provide the enzymatic machinery and have invested in a lot of research on the LAMP technology as a whole. With the retail approach, you are ready to perform tests on the day when you receive the shipment of reagents.

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Don't worry, we set up a shopping list for you, so that you know what you need to buy to perform RT-LAMP in whatever setting you may choose, be it small-scale testing of friends and colleagues or a high-throughput laboratory. We are not affiliated with any company or supplier.