Meet the people behind the project. We’re an international group of scientists based at the Vienna BioCenter, specifically at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP).

The RT-LAMP Team

The RT-LAMP team

Standing (left to right): Julius Brennecke, Max Kellner, Julian Ross, Andrea Pauli. Not standing (left to right): Dominik Handler, Martin Matl, Jakob Schnabl


Julius Brennecke (Brennecke lab)
Andrea Pauli (Pauli lab)

Research and development

Max Kellner
Martin Matl
Dominik Handler
Julian Ross
Jakob Schnabl


Vienna Covid-19 Detection Initiative (VCDI)

Administrative coordination: Harald Isemann

Molecular Biology Service IMP/IMBA/GMI: Peter Steinlein, Harald Scheuch, Robert Heinen, Nikolaus Beer, Kristina Uzunova

Protein Production & metabolomics: Irina Grishkovskaya, Benedikt Bauer, Johannes Stadlmann, David Drechsel, Thomas Köcher

Team in-house qPCR testing: Johannes Zuber, Daniele Soroldoni, Stefan Ameres, Johanna Trupke, Marcus Dekens, Tobias Neumann, Robert Kalis, Christian Krauditsch, Martina Weissenboeck, & team

Team NGS: Ulrich Elling, Luisa Cochella, Alex Stark, Ramesh Yelagandula, & team

Lab support: Brennecke lab, Pauli lab



Clinical samples: Franz Allerberger & team (AGES), Manuela Födinger & team (Klinik Favoriten, Vienna)

Colorimetry app & Miriam device: Andrew Straw, Thang Vo-Doan (University of Freiburg, Germany)

Scientific advice: Nathan Tanner (NEB, US), gLAMP community, Luis Menéndez-Arias (Spanish National Research Council, Spain), Stuart Le Grice (NCI, US)

External collaborators: Lucia Godino-Prieto (Crick London, UK; TrEND), Jenny Molloy (University of Cambridge, UK), Amina Kurtovic-Kozaric (Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Special thanks go to our institutes (IMBA & IMP) for their continuous and full support of our initiative, without which the entire project would have been impossible. In addition, we express our gratitude to the benefactors of our institutes and this initiative, in particular the Mila Charitable Organisation, Boehringer Ingelheim,  the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the Austrian Science and Technology Fund (WWTF).

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