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RT-LAMP can be performed at home with basic equipment or in a clinical, high-throughput laboratory. One can choose to process thousands of samples every day, or just five. Whether you need high sensitivity, lowest cost, commercially available or do it yourself reagents, we have the protocol for you.


The simplest method to detect SARS-CoV-2, RT-LAMP is performed by inactivating the sample, assembling a reaction mixture and adding the sample to this mix. The samples are incubated at 63 degrees for 35 minutes and a color change from purple to blue indicates a positive result of the reaction. Low reagent cost, low consumption of consumables but still sensitive enough to safely identify infectious people.


Superior sensitivity,  color-based readout and sample to results under 50 minutes, this method can safely identify even people with very low viral load. Inactivated sample is enriched for RNA by bead purification on a magnet, reaction mix is added straight to the beads and sample is incubated for 63 degrees for 25 minutes. Color change indicates viral RNA present in the sample.

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