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Since the launch of our website in October 2020, a significant amount of interest was generated for the use of RT-LAMP in detection of SARS-CoV-2 from clinical laboratories, doctor’s offices, schools, companies, social services, and more. While we provide all the protocols and know-how on implementing this method on our website, easy and affordable access to reagents has been a major roadblock for people seeking to try it out on their own. This is changing now. We’ve heard your comments and are happy to offer all-in-one reagent kits for performing RT-LAMP and bead-LAMP. In collaboration with Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities, we are now assembling, quality-testing and shipping out kits for the rapid, easy and accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acids from crude samples.

These reagent kits are intended for research use only. They are not a pre-approved as an in-vitro diagnostic tool and the users are obligated to follow their jurisdiction’s laws in validating them for diagnostic, screening or monitoring testing on their own. What we do guarantee is the correct composition of the kits, controlled quality tested with every batch, and the easiest way to perform top level LAMP assays for SARS-CoV-2. 

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The simplest method to detect SARS-CoV-2. RT-LAMP enables you to test extracted RNA, saliva, gargle or nasopharyngeal swab material and deliver a fast and accurate result under 45 minutes. Low reagent cost, low consumption of consumables but still sensitive enough to safely identify all infectious people.

With our RT-LAMP kits, testing is as simple as going in the freezer, thawing a couple of test tubes, inactivating your samples to make them safer to work with and combining the colourful reaction mix with the samples. After a 35-minute incubation at 63 degrees Celsius, you can see the presence or absence of SARS-CoV-2 in the samples by the colour of the reaction. Sky blue indicates a positive result while purple indicates a negative result.

Check out the protocol for using the RT-LAMP kit

Detailed Material Safety Data Sheet for RT-LAMP kit

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bead-LAMP kit

Superior sensitivity, colour-based readout, and sample to results under 45 minutes, this method can safely identify samples with a very low viral load.

Our bead-LAMP kit contains magnetic beads, inactivation solution, and reaction mixes. Testing for SARS-CoV-2 using bead-LAMP with our kit is as simple as thawing your reagents and letting the magnetic beads warm up, inactivating your samples to make them safer to work with, adding magnetic beads to your samples, using a magnetic field to separate the beads with RNA from the liquid, washing the beads and RNA using ethanol (not provided), and adding the reaction mix to the washed beads. After a 25-minute incubation at 63 degrees Celsius, you can see the presence or absence of SARS-CoV-2 in the samples by the colour change from red (negative) to yellow (positive).

Check out the protocol for using the bead-LAMP kit

Detailed Material Safety Data Sheet for bead-LAMP kit

Why kits from the Vienna BioCenter?


Batch tested and verified

You don’t need to worry about buying all the necessary reagents for RT-LAMP from all the suppliers, we have done it for you. This way you have an absolute certainty that you have the correct reagents. And we batch test them for activity, too!


get testing in 10 minutes

With the LAMP kits, it’s really as easy as taking a couple of test tubes out of the freezer and following a protocol. Assembling your LAMP reaction mix and testing samples has never been this easy and convenient!


cheap price per test

RT-LAMP is a cheap method and independent of supply chain issues. And even with our kits we intend to keep it that way. With the VBCF we strive to bring you the lowest possible price per test and highest quality. 


Better than an antigen test

With an accuracy far surpassing antigen tests, RT-LAMP is the simplest method to uncover 100 % of samples considered infectious. The sensitivity of bead-LAMP is hot on the heels of many PCR testing pipelines and allows you to pool samples.


Easily tests dozens or hundreds

RT-LAMP can be performed with self-collected samples and the pipetting steps can be made incredibly scalable through the use of multichannel pipettes and even robotics. A simple, cheap and scalable nucleic acid test.

Cutting edge

Developed and made in Vienna

The kits are powered entirely by the chemistry and protocols developed at the Vienna BioCenter in 2020. The manufacture is carried out in cooperation with Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities.

Before you buy...

There’s a few things you should consider.

1. Maximum order size is set to 2000 reactions per order. We are working on scaling our production pipeline to meet all the demand there is but for now we have to ask customers to conform to this maximum order size. 

2. The ordering process is described in detail in LAMP kit ordering procedure. Please read through it thoroughly. The order itself is bound by the Terms and Conditions that describe how the ordering, payment and shipment process takes place legally. By sending us a filled order form, you are making a legally binding offer to conclude a contract. The contract is confirmed from our side by us sending you an order confirmation.

3. The LAMP kits provided by us are rated as a tool for research use. They are not certified for in-vitro diagnostics and do not bear a CE label. The use of the kits is up to the users and we do not make any warranties of their applicability and the acceptance of the results they provide. Any use of the kits for diagnostics has to be done in accordance with the applicable laws.


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On a computer, fill out all the required fields paying special attention to shipping details.

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After you’ve placed your order, we will begin preparing your kits and ship them out to you. As a note, currently we do not ship to countries outside the EU. An invoice will be sent to you after submitting your order.

Please review the Terms and Conditions (in German and English) and the Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities Privacy Policy. If you have any doubts about the ordering process you can read our internal LAMP kit ordering procedure.

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Never run a lab before and not sure what you need?

Don't worry, we set up a shopping list for you, so that you know what you need to buy to perform RT-LAMP in whatever setting you may choose, be it small-scale testing of friends and colleagues or a high-throughput laboratory. We are not affiliated with any company or supplier. If you are not sure about other aspects of the methods we describe, consider visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Still not sure about something and need advice?

You can contact us for questions regarding the ordering and shipment of LAMP kits or the LAMP reactions themselves. For scientific inquiries, questions on testing and implementation, and general technical support please write to If you have any questions regarding buying the LAMP kits and getting them shipped to your location, address them to